Affordable and Dependable Drain Inspections in Cedar Rapids, IA

Our team at Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning is highly skilled and only satisfied with perfection during every job. Get in touch with our Cedar Rapids, IA, company when you want only the best for your drains. Our extensive firsthand knowledge of the trade makes us the regional experts on all matters of water jetting services and drain inspections. We’re ready to be of service—just tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen. 

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How Often Should You Have Your Drains Cleaned?

Schedule an annual drain cleaning service to prevent clogs from completely blocking your pipes and to keep functionality at its highest. These matters don’t happen overnight; neglect of your drain pipes will lead to issues in the future. Get in touch with our staff to schedule this routine service and save yourself the headache later down the road.  

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What to Expect with Water Jetting

Water jetting is the most efficient way to restore your sewer and drain lines to their former glory, and Magic Men Sewer and Drain Cleaning is here to help. High-pressure water jetting uses cleaning nozzle inserts to loosen deposits within the pipes, removing blockages before they become an issue. This fundamental form of preventative maintenance will cut through grease, sludge, hardened scale, and other obstructions to help prevent damage. 

We offer water jetting to residential and commercial clients, including apartment buildings, restaurants, and office buildings. Water jetting is ideal for for preventative maintenance as well as cleaning leach field lines and sand filters. Plus, this innovative technology allows us to clear frozen lines! With more than 25 years of experience in water jetting, our team is the best around.

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Full-Service Sewer and Drain Line Camera Inspections from 1 1/2" Lines Up to 10"Lines

Routine inspections and maintenance are key to protecting the longevity of your sewer and drain lines. Using state-of-the-art camera equipment, we’ll fully inspect your system to detect any issues. These high-resolution camera systems give us a clear visual of the pipes and pipe walls to diagnose potential issues in real-time and to provide a thorough assessment. 

Using trusted spartan tool cable sewer machines, we are able to clean lines of all types, from residential and commercial properties to city sewer lines. Our specialty tools even allow us to clean small lines that other companies won't.  

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